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A Knowledge Community

This knowledge community has a common interest in complex and subtle issues surrounding the Human Sciences and related disciplines.  The members of this scholarly knowledge community meet once a year in person, during the International Congress, and communicate their findings formally through the Journal Collection. Members who form this community of knowledge are academics, researchers, scholars, cultural consultants, and doctoral students.

International Congress

The members of this scholarly knowledge community, as well as first-time attendees, come from all over the world. The International Congress on Human Sciences began in Montreal, Canada in 2012 and since then, it has been held in cities of worldwide interest (Budapest, Madrid, Vancouver). This international congress is a place for critical exchange of ideas, both for leading scholars in this field of study and for emerging promising researchers, postdocs, and graduate students. Those who can not attend the congress may prefer to submit a manuscript for review and possible publication in the journals.

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Journal Collection

By participating in the Community of Human Sciences, the delegates can submit a manuscript to the associated journals, which are interdisciplinary, inclusive, and open access. All the journals are double-blind peer reviewed, which enables authors to publish in rigorous academic journals with the highest quality standards.

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News and Social Networks

Our News section is constantly posting brief updates on the Human Sciences Knowledge Community, as well as the major developments in this field. You can also join this dialogue through our pages on Facebook and Twitter.

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